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Hey there!

I’m thrilled to be serving families at McIntire Elementary this year as the school counselor! I have been in education for a total of 8 years and am beginning my 2nd year as a school counselor. One of my favorite things about working with kids is their ability to always teach me different perspectives and I love learning new ideas from them! 

I live in Jefferson City with my husband, daughter and dog. We love to spend time outside together. My daughter and I especially like to eat delicious treats like brownies, cake, and ice cream. Our favorite things to do together are going for walks, baking, and going to the park!

Always feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or discussion points. I’m here to HELP and I love to do just that.

We use a great counseling curriculum for guiding our weekly counseling lessons! The curriculum is called Character Strong and it has a TON of extra resources - let me know what I can help you with on sure to check out our family newsletters for more information on Character Strong monthly traits! 

Please reach out with any needs you may have:

(573) 590-8508

August - Meet the Counselor
September - Respect
October - Responsibility; Drug Awareness
November - Gratitude; Bullying Awareness
December - Empathy
January - Perseverance
February - Honesty
March - Cooperation; Careers
April - Courage
May - Test Prep / End of Year